Elton Clubs


AP Club - This purpose of the AP Club is to bridge the gap between high school Calculus and AP Calculus AB/BC. We will be using university textbooks to cover the extra material in preparation for the AP Calculus exam in May 2019.  In addition to learning extra material, we will also learn how to properly use a graphing calculator, learn strategies in solving problems and practice going through previous AP Calculus exams.


Music Club - Our group strives to promote the participation and contribution of all students to the band unit. Students learn both musical theory as well as practical ability of their respective instruments. We will learn how to play modern popular music and attempt to create original pieces. Creativity and an open mind to learn is key to musical success!


Kickboxing - It's a known fact that physical activity has beneficial properties on a student's life and attitude towards his or her studies by helping them relieve stress. The Kickboxing club is designed for that purpose as well as for students who want to get fit and also have fun in a safe environment. It's a great workout where we go through the basics of the sport from footwork to strategy. Bring some gloves and come join the fun!


DECA - The Elton Academy’s business club is designed around having students work in teams to identify and solve various problems. The club will also have various competitions that will involve peer evaluations. The objective it to have students think creatively, while encouraging meta-cognition in a business environment.


Yearbook Club - Yearbook Club brings the students and teachers of Elton Academy together in the creative and collaborative process of producing a wonderful capsule of memories, events and special moments shared throughout the school year. Students will get a chance to directly contribute and get involved with photography, graphic and book design in the creation of the 2018-2019 Yearbook. It's not just a Yearbook... its Your-book!