How to get from a band 5.5 to band 7 in IELTS within two weeks?

There has been another IELTS miracle in Elton Academy lately. On August 24th, four out of 12 Elton students took the test after studying for just 14 days (6 hours each day). Three of them passed the test with two students scoring a band 7 and one student a band 6.5.

High Scores with Distinction



Score before Summer Class: 5.5
Total Hours Studied: 84
August Results: band 7 with 7.5 in Speaking


First time IELTS learner
First time test taker
August Results: band 7 with 7.5 in Listening


Score before Summer Class: 5.5 for a long time
Total Hours Studied: 84
August Result: band 6.5

How Did Elton make such achievement possible?

After seeing such remarkable results, an experienced education advisor asked us: “how did Elton do it?”

The answer is quite simple: good management, experienced teachers, and hardworking students.

Achievement in IELTS is not a result of advertisement, but is only made possible through good teaching methods, a working management system, and strict standards to be followed by students.

In our social media group for students pursuing IELTS, the supervising teacher was responsible for following up with students’ progress and homework completion. Students were also free to discuss test related questions and challenges with a teacher in the group.

A Miracle Class led by our IELTS Magician

Jessica, also known as the “IELTS Magician”, was the teacher that made high achievement possible this time again.


She has an education background in East-China Teachers’ College with a master degree in Education and is a senior English teacher certified by province of Ontario. She has been teaching IELTS, TOEFL and COPE in both China and Canada for more than 10 years, and was a former invigilator in the IELTS centre of George Brown College in Toronto.

A responsible teacher that applies varying methods to suit students at different language levels, Jessica keeps bringing one miracle after another to Elton Academy.

Are you still worrying about your IELTS result? Taking the test again and? Our door is open to you now! You too could pass the test with flying colours.

NOW OPEN - IELTS Class for Guaranteed Pass

Our IELTS class, led by Jessica and 2 other assistants, is open for registration all year round.

Class Schedule:
4:30 pm ~ 7:00 pm, Tue~Fri

For inquiries and registration, please call 905-731-0505.