Vision & Mission


At Elton Academy, we pride ourselves in promoting the academic, social, physical and character development of our students by providing them with a challenging, varied and supportive learning environment. We set high personal and academic standards for our students. We believe with positive support and direction the students will rise to the challenge of meeting Elton Academy expectations. Elton Academy believes in the importance and value of completing a secondary education. Our school philosophy includes our commitment to reach every student to help him or her achieve a successful outcome from their school experiences. Our students are recognized and respected as unique individuals and their successes reflect our own dedication to providing a high quality, well-rounded education. At Elton Academy, we remain committed to our students, our parents, our community and our philosophy. We believe that a partnership with families is critical to maximizing the success of our students. Interactive communication between the classroom teachers, the school and our families are an integral part of our program.




Elton Academy is a private, co-educational, non-denominational, independent private High School, accredited and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Elton Academy provides our students with the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum with high expectations and within an enriched, caring and secure environment. Our goal is to enable our students to pursue and achieve personal and academic excellence through their school experiences, in order to better prepare them to take on effective roles within their families, their communities and their careers.